6 Essential Care Tips For Your Bronze Marker  

Bronze is a popular choice for bronze markers because of its timeless appeal, durability, and unique appearance. It offers the same level of customization as other popular materials and the brownish metal hue gives it a different level of sophistication. A bronze marker truly stands out and is the perfect way to honor the memory of your loved one.  

Despite its lasting durability and its amazing sturdiness, over time, the effects of weathering can diminish the appearance of the bronze marker.  The bronze marker can lose its characteristic sheen and become discolored. This primarily happens due to exposure to harsh elements such as heavy rain and snow. Due to oxidation, it may form a greenish patina.  

Essential Care Tips For Your Bronze Marker 

While most bronze markers come with a protective coating, with time, this layer can erode and expose the marker to the elements. Sometimes, the bronze marker can also get damaged accidentally. However, with proper care, you can ensure that your bronze marker looks as good as new even after years.  Some simple things that you can do to improve the longevity and appearance of your bronze marker include: 

Remove the dirt and debris

The first step is to sweep off all the dirt, grass, and other debris from the surface of the bronze marker. Use only a soft-bristled brush for this task. You can use a toothbrush to remove all the dirt between the engraving and the letters. Once you have gotten rid of all the debris from the surface, you are now ready for deep cleaning.  

Thorough cleaning

Use water to wet the surface of the marker and use the soft-bristled brush to remove the stubborn dirt that deposited on the surface. If you are not able to clear off the stains with plain water, you can use mild soap and water. In case the marker needs some scrubbing, you can use a soft microfiber cloth. There are several cleaning agents available in the market that claim to be bronze-friendly but we would recommend that you steer clear of using any chemicals on the bronze marker unless you are a professional and know what is in there.  


Rinse off the memorial marker properly with clean water making sure that no soap solution is left on the surface. Then, use a soft microfibre cloth to dry the marker thoroughly. When rinsing and drying the memorial marker, pay special attention to the lettering and engravings, because you don’t want any residue left there.  

Apply protective coating

This is an optional step. You may add a protective finish to your bronze using a spray-on wax. Before you do this, ensure that there is no debris left on the marker.  

To ensure that the memorial marker is always clean and looks like new, you should carry out this cleaning process at least twice a year.  

Things to keep in mind 

Do not use any harsh chemicals: Regardless of how old and dirty the bronze marker has become, do not use any harsh cleaning agents such as bleach or other acidic chemicals.  

Do not use harsh brushes or rough cloths: Do not use any rag to clean the bronze memorial marker as it can scratch the surface and leave marks on it.  

Rinse thoroughly

If you have used soap or any other cleaning solutions, make sure you rinse it off thoroughly. If you leave any residue on the memorial marker, it will slowly damage the surface.  

If you think you cannot handle the cleaning on your own, hire monument cleaning and restoration services. Contact us,  and we will clean the monument, repair it, and restore it to its original glory.  

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