What Type Of Headstone Lasts The Longest?

When choosing a headstone for a loved one, we often focus a lot on the aesthetics as it commemorates the life and memories of the departed soul. We want the headstone to look beautiful and have the right inscriptions. However, it is equally important to have longevity in mind. Not all headstones are equally durable. Some materials can withstand the elements better than others. 

When it comes to longevity, there are two materials that are particularly noteworthy-granite and bronze. Not only are these two materials long-lasting but they have great aesthetic appeal as well. Here is a brief overview of the most durable headstone materials you can choose from:


Granite is the coarse or medium-grained intrusive igneous rock rich in quartz and feldspar. Intrusive rocks form from molten material or magma, which flows and solidifies underground where it cools slowly. This stone ranges across the color spectrum from blues and reds to the more common grays and blacks. 

It is important to note that not all granite is the same in terms of strength and reliability. Granite quality is defined by its Grade, which reflects its density, consistency, durability, structural integrity, and ease of cutting and crafting. 

Low-grade granite may cost you less but it is prone to chipping and discoloration. It is not easy to worth with. It is particularly difficult to engrave on and add fine details to a low-grade granite headstone. The finished headstone is also not as elegant as the one made with high-grade granite. On the other hand, high-grade granite is more expensive but the quality is far superior to low-grade granite.

When you choose a granite headstone make sure you talk to your provider about the quality of stone being used. As we said earlier, not all granite is the same so it is best to invest in a high-grade granite headstone so that it lasts for centuries and does not lose its charm.


Bronze is a beautiful material with its perfect metallic sheen and rich color. Not only it is a winner in terms of aesthetics but also in durability. Bronze is an alloy composed of copper and tin. Modern bronze is typically 88 percent copper and about 12 percent tin. 

Most bronze headstones are given a protective finishing before they are installed. This makes them a better ability to withstand the elements and helps prevent the greenish patina. However, no finish can last forever. So, it can begin to break down over time but with little care and maintenance, it can last a very long time. 

Moreover, the lettering on a bronze headstone is raised and not etched as it is done on a stone such as granite. The raised lettering ensures there is less wear on the inscription and it remains legible for decades to come. Also, the material can be carved upon with great ease, which allows for a lot of freedom in design and lettering. Even the most complex designs can be created with ease.

At Bottienelli’s Monument, we help people choose the right material and design headstones to preserve the memories of their beloved ones. We understand that selecting the right headstone is a difficult and overwhelming task, and our experienced team can help make the right decision.



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