How to Choose the Pet Grave Marker for Your Pet?

The few years that our pets spend with us are so full of love and selfless care that when they bid their final farewell, they leave a huge void behind. It is never easy to experience the loss of a pet. However, by memorializing your beloved friend with a pet grave marker, you can get some solace.

A nice customized pet grave marker is a great way to honor your departed friend. However, when choosing the right memorial marker that appropriately commemorates your pet, you need to consider several factors. There are so many options available in terms of materials, styles, sizes, and customization that you can easily find a memorial marker that pays the proper respect and love for your pet.

Choosing the right material for your pet grave marker 

The most important thing you need to keep in mind when you shop for your pet’s memorial marker is what material you want to use. The primary factor that should influence your choice is where you will be keeping the memorial.  Your choice would be affected by the weather conditions and other environmental factors. You should also consider whether the stone will be placed upright, flat, or be hung on a wall. What kind of weather will it experience? Do you want a functional marker or a purely decorative one.

Granite and bronze are two materials known for their resistance to weathering and their durability. Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Bronze is a reddish, sturdy material that works great for adding fine details to the marker. It is very sturdy and stands the test of time. Marble is another stone that is commonly used in pet markers. It is very durable and the white color gives a distinctive appeal to it.

Choosing the pet memorial based on purpose

When you choose a memorial marker for your departed pet, you should choose the design based on the purpose you have in mind. Do you want a memorial stone just to mark the burial spot of your pet? Are you looking for a keepsake to remember your pet? Do you want a pet memorial that rightly honors your pet? This will help you narrow down your choices.

Pet memorial personalization

When you choose to have a personalized pet marker, the next thing you need to decide is to what extend you want the memorial stone personalized.  Some options for personalization are:

  • Name and date of death of the pet
  • Picture of the pet or a special image representing the per
  • A poem or a saying
  • A picture of the paw print
  • A special message/story/memory of the pet
  • A phrase expressing your feelings/love
  • Any combination of the above and more

Moreover, you can choose the size for the memorial marker based on where you want to place it. What kind of personalization you want on it. How big/small you want it, and what is the size permitted (if it is to be placed in a pet cemetery).

Looking for the perfect memorial marker for your beloved pet? Look no further. We can make completely personalized pet memorial markers in marble, granite, and bronze. We take great pride when making each and every memorial stone that aptly pays tribute to the departed soul.

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