Tips On Choosing Headstone Inscription Font 

How To Choose The Right Headstone Inscription Font 

The inscription on the memorial of your loved one provides a glimpse into their life and personality. It highlights their achievements and honors their memory. So, it is important that you choose the inscription thoughtfully.  

When prepared well, an inscription can last several decades without requiring much maintenance. There are several design elements that you need to choose carefully in order to create a headstone that truly commemorates the life of your departed loved one. An important consideration that you need to make early on is the headstone inscription font. It can have a huge effect on the overall appearance of the memorial stone. So, you must ensure that you choose a headstone inscription font that is legible and easily understandable for everyone.  

Type of font 

The common categories of fonts used in memorials are Serif, San Serif, Gothic, and Script fonts. Serif fonts are formal fonts with decorative strokes at the end. Some common ones are Times New Roman, Georgia, and Courier New. These are commonly used in print as they are easy to understand.  

Compared to Serif fonts, Sans Serif fonts are more modern. Some popular San Serif fonts are Haveltica Now, Futura, Public Sans, and more. Those who seek a more elaborate font with dramatic strokes often choose Gothic or Old English fonts such as Cambridge, Cheddar Gothic, and others. Script fonts are for those who love calligraphy and super elaborate strokes.  

Consider the material  

When choosing a font, you must keep in mind the material of the headstone because not all fonts work well on all materials. If you have chosen a coarser material such as granite, it might not be easy to engrave very elaborate, thin fonts with swirls on them. You need a softer material to get such elaborate engravings.  

Consider the headstone style 

The font that you choose should suit the selected headstone style. If you have chosen a contemporary style headstone for your departed loved one, Gothic fonts will look out of place. You can best use Gothic fonts on Gothic-style headstones only. For contemporary style headstones, modern fonts such as Serif or script style would suit the best. You can use a drawing tool such as a paintbrush to try different fonts on your chosen headstone design and see which one works the best. 

Avoid trends 

Every few years, there is a new trend when it comes to fonts and styles. Remember, it is always better to choose a timeless font like a Serif, which will look good even after decades rather than choosing a font that may look trendy today but may not be as appealing after a few years. Don’t go too far trying to make the headstone look unique. Your loved one is already unique so you don’t need to make an extraordinary effort trying to make their headstone stand out.  

Minimalism should be your motto when you are choosing inscriptions for your loved one’s headstone. Quite often, people go overboard and include a lot of text and imagery in the headstones. They choose the fanciest of fonts and imagery. However, you need to keep in mind that a headstone is a permanent structure so the style, inscriptions, fonts, and imagery that you choose should be timeless.  

Even after years, the inscriptions should be easily legible even from a distance. Choosing the right headstone inscription font will ensure that it remains timeless. Over time, some amount of wear is normal but the inscriptions should be understandable and retain their charm several years from now.  

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